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The Raku-Raku series (how to cope with emotional panic) comprises individual ceramics and ceramic short films; namely series of ceramics whose pictures -when projected in succession- create a moving visual spectacle. Hence, the ancient arts of pottery, engraving and painting are combined with one of the latest art forms, cinematography.


Muybridge's Horse
animated GIF / 
400p - 720p - 1080p / 1 second (15 fps) / silent loop
Greece, 2023 / 15 ceramics / 20 x 15 x 3 cm, 750 g each / naked Raku


Muybridge's Horse #11
40 x 30 x 3 cm, 2 kg, Raku ceramic, 2023


Photo taken in Angelos Spartalis’ workshop in Crete of some of the works included in the Raku-Raku series. The works may sit freestanding on a flat surface (e.g. a table) or be mounted on a wall, both indoors and outdoors and regardless of the weather conditions.


In November 2022, Angelos Spartalis, together with illustrator Christina Epitropaki and performer Panagiota Filimega, started experimenting at the pottery studio of Nikos Makrynakis. The outcome of their efforts was the creation of engraved and painted Raku ceramic tiles; they often employed the Kintsugi repair technique in the process.

documentary video

A few days later, and thanks to Spartalis’ determination to achieve anything seemingly impossible, a series of short films was produced; each frame of the films portrays a single Raku ceramic tile. The first film was given the title Muybridge's Horse and soon other films followed.

This new work by Spartalis -original in spirit and technique- is called "Raku-Raku" and is available exclusively from SIANTI Gallery - Ikastikos Kyklos.


The third hug
41 x 34 x 3 cm / oval / 2 kg / 2023
painted Raku ceramic tile with Kintsugi


The fourth hug
46 x 40 x 3 cm /
oval / 2 kg / 2023
Raku ceramic tile with Kintsugi




Raku is a ceramic firing technique from Japan that dates back the 16th century. At present, this technique is known all over the world. A special feature of the Raku technique is the thermal shocks to which the clay is subjected. The three elements of nature, Earth – Fire – Water, play a pivotal role in achieving a completely different result each time.

The Japanese ideogram of the word Raku reads "happiness." The philosophy behind Raku is to be happy, to seize the day, to live in harmony with objects and people. Raku is a way of life, it is a game played as seriously as children take their game.

(source: WIKIPEDIA)



Kintsugi, which means "golden repair", is another Japanese technique of ceramic art. It dates back in ancient times and its origin stemmed from the need to repair broken porcelain items. By adding gold to the joining agent, the mended item becomes flawless and often more valuable than the original.

Kintsugi, however, is more than a craft; it is a poetic metaphor for what people go through when their lives fall apart, when they experience a painful crisis or loss and then try to bounce back by sublimating emotional pain.

This simple craft seems to fulfil one of our primordial dreams: To mature and grow stronger through wounds and defeats, instead of remaining “broken”







Muybridge's Horse is the title of a silent film (animated GIF) by Angelos Spartalis. It is the first motion picture of the Raku-Raku series. It comprises 15 engraved ceramic tiles. When the photos of the ceramic tiles are viewed in sequence, they produce the moving image (in the form of loop) of a galloping horse.

It's a tribute to the first film ever made, when Leland Stanford commissioned Eadweard Muybridge to capture the motion of the racehorse “Occident” in sequential photographs on June 19, 1878, in California. This was Stanford’s attempt to prove that galloping horses, at regular intervals, have all four hooves in the air.

And he was right.


Muybridge's Horse
The thirteenth out of a total of fifteen Raku tiles from the movie “Muybridge's Horse” which depicts the horse touching the ground only with one of its front feet.


Muybridge's Horse
The fourth out of a total of fifteen Raku tiles from the movie “Muybridge's Horse”, which depicts the horse in a “flying” motion.


Muybridge's Horse - the 15 ceramic frames
animated GIF / 400p - 720p - 1080p / 1 s (15 fps) / silent loop
Greece, 2023 / 15 ceramics / 20 x 15 x 3 cm, 750 g each / naked Raku



Muybridge's Horse #4
40 x 30 x 3 cm, 2 kg, Raku ceramic tile with Kintsugi, 2023



The first hug
30 x 40 x 3 cm, 2 kg
painted naked Raku ceramic, 2023



The second hug
31 x 39 x 3 cm, 2 kg 
painted and glazed naked Raku ceramic, 2023



The fifth hug

40 cm (diameter) x 3 cm (depth)
round, 2 kg, gilt Raku ceramic, 2023



The sixth hug

40 cm (diameter) x 3 cm (depth)
round, 2 kg, Raku ceramic, 2023



The seventh hug

39 cm (diameter) x 3 cm (depth)
round, 2 kg, Raku ceramic, 2023




Photos by Manolis Skyvalos



painting, engraving, script, direction, editing: Angelos Spartalis
collaborators: pottery studio of Nikos Makrynakis, Christina Epitropaki, Panagiota Filimega
music: Adonis Papaspyros (Lost Bodies)
photography: Manolis Skyvalos, Angela Svoronou, Yiannis Bousdoglou
translation, subtitles: Dimitris Vytiniotis, Sofia Charalampous
producers: Angelos Spartalis @ Angela Svoronou
production: Wish You Luck films (c)2019-2022




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