group exhibition
"A world made of tears"

Ioanna Delfino - Christi Mengou - Angelos Spartalis

Municipal Art Gallery of Aghios Nikolaos
12 - 23 October 2006

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The text that follows is written as an introduction
to the exhibition catalogue



a world made of tears
By Manos Doukas
Art Historian

o what is painting’s fault?

Painting is not to blame at all. Not honest painting. To put it in Spartalis’ language, if a modern Van Gogh were to do only ‘artistic performances’, he would be as unjust to himself as a Da Vinci who would add a moustache to Mona Lisa (Duchamp is granted the right to). What can art be other than communicating vessels of expressive mediums and a fruitful dialogue within a frame of liberty? Maybe one eye needs to cry so the other can see…

[…] Angelos Spartalis made a film about tears that feels like a song. A film in which the only one who really cries on the screen is his new-born daughter (we cry when we are born, not when we die). Among the people of the artist’s immediate environment we also find Alexis Politis and Nikos Koundouros, and they all talk successively about tears: when do we cry, how do we cry, when did we last cry? The camera focuses on the people’s eyes, as if to state the most important thing: no tear can move us unless we have previously been moved by the eyes. This is exactly why Spartalis will paint his heroes with a personal expressionism - that of consent, of an adventurous but not loud-mouth surface (portions of which he ‘uplifts’ with cement), making use of various elements, from the French Fauves to the recent German Neuwilde. With these portraits he returns to figurative painting, through which he obviously has a lot more to tell.    full text >>






Angelos Spartalis room (photo by Manolis Skyvalos)


artworks by Angelos Spartalis




Christi Mengou room (photo by Manolis Skyvalos)



Ioanna Delfino room (photo by Manolis Skyvalos)



Christi Mengou, Ioanna Delfinoand Angelos Spartalis at the exhibition space



projection of the movie



Entrance of Angelos Spartalis room (photo by Manolis Skyvalos)



Angelos Spartalis at the exhibition space (photo by Manolis Skyvalos)

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