solo exhibition
"Double Portraits"

Pnyk Art Foundation, Kastella, Piraeus
4-29 February 2004

Municipal Art Gallery of Aghios Nikolaos, Crete
15 July - 1 August 2004

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The text that follows is written as an introduction to the exhibition catalogue


Angelos Spartalis
The Image and its Meaning

by Manos Stefanides
Art Historian
, Curator, National Gallery of Greece

omething is happening in Rhodes. And I do not say this conventionally, much less tourist-wise. The presence, for several years now, of a Municipal Art Gallery of high standards and its recent renovation, and also the creation of new events related to contemporary art

have contributed to the existence on the emerald island, today, of an indigenous artistic potential which is not provincial or local in the least. I have been watching with increasing interest the actions and exhibitions of MoTeR, the artistic group who activate themselves around art historian Polly Hatzimarkou in the Centre of Contemporary Art, in the Medieval Town of Rhodes.

Among creators whom I have seen personally, I distinguish Angelos Spartalis both for his multileveled search in the field of plastic arts and for the deep spirituality of his approach to his themes (or, I should better say, his obsessions). For what differentiates the artist from the simply pretending-through-art painter is the assiduousness to certain passions, which in some eras are called "values" or "ideals" and in some others "neuroses" or "paranoia" and they are stoned.... full text >>


double portraits
by Polly Hatzimarkou
Art Historian-critic
Curator, Museum of Modern Greek Art

oseph Beuys writes: "The most important part of creativity, or rather the truest part of the whole of the concept of creativity is freedom…". Angelos Spartalis lives - by his own choice - away from the bright lights of the capital. Since 1999, when he chose Rhodes as the

place of his residence and creation, he has offered to the island remarkable artistic touches. And I say 'artistic' and not only painting ones, since with the same ease and imagination as well as freedom -in the Beuys sense-, he glides through different artistic fields: painting, installations, video, comics, writing and direction of theatrical poems and performances… Beuys goes on: "The demonstration of the results of the ways in which we put freedom of action to practice is more than mere potential offered to us. We have the duty of showing what we have produced through our freedom".... full text >>


List of presented artworks

1. double portrait of

....Polly Hatzimarkou

2. double portrait  of
....Alkisti Michailidou

3. double portrait of
....a girl in the countryside

4. double portrait of
....a robot / crucifixion

5. double self-portrait as

....Don Quixote

6. double portrait of
....a maid of honor /
....Las Meninas

7. double portrait of
....a geisha

8. double portrait of
....a motorcyclist

9. double portrait of

10. double portrait of apprentice

11. double portrait of
.....a drummer

12. double portrait of

.....a child with dog
.....and ballons

13. double portrait of
.....a mad philosopher

14. double portrait of


15. double portrait of extraterrestrial
......petrol seller

16. double portrait of F-16 pilot

17. double portrait of
.....Angelos Michailidis

18. double portrait of # 1 / the Widler
.....twin sisters

19. double portrait of #2

20. double portrait of
.....a tree

21. double portrait of
.....a relay runner

22. double portrait of
.....Matina Chatzimarkou

23. double portrait of

......ghost #1

24. double portrait of
.....ghost #2


25. installation of
......12 micro-sculptures

26. video

27. video

MONOCYCLE, 2003, cartoon, 9 minutes. To view the cartoon online click "online". To download the cartoon to your local disk click "download" ( file, 3 MB)
on line - download

BIRDS, 2003, short film, 5 minutes. Click to download the film to your local disk (birds.mpg file, 7 MB)
selected for the official
competition for short films
of the ECOCINEMA 2004


At the opening of the show, Pnyk-Art Foundation, 4 Feb.2004
(all photos by Evi Michala-Papadopoulou)


At the opening of the show. Above right: the Profecor of The Athnens Fine Art School
Triandafilos Patraskidis with Art Historian Polly Hatzimarkou.


Art Historian Marina Douni, Angelos Spartalis, painter Alkisti Michailidou,
painter Vicky Marinopoulou and the publisher of Pnyk-Art newspaper Tassos Mavris.


Angelos Spartalis and Polly Hatzimarkou.


At the opening of the show, Municipal Art Gallery of Ag.Nikolaos, Crete, 15 July 2004
Left: view of the Gallery. Bottom right: the mayor of Aghios Nikolaos Crete
Yiannis Loukarakis (all photos by O.Sgouros)


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video, 2 min 30 sec, 5 MB mpg



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