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concept and production:
"e-phos" - Athens festival of film and new media

supported by the Ministry of Culture - Directorate of International Relations and the Greek National Tourist Organization, in collaboration with the Paralympic Games "Athens 2004"

Athens 18-27 September 2003

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Lookout: he buildings of the city of Athens are transformed

LOOKOUT 2003 radical artistic intervention is to be attempted from 18 to 27 of September this year, at the center of Athens. The happening with the understandable title "Lookout," makes part of the e-phos festival and aspires to give a different dimension to the facades of twenty central buildings and make Athenians look out and high into the heart of their city. The responce to the call for entries was impressive. What is left, now, is to see Athens being transformed in front of our eyes...

Lookout suggests an artistic intervention by the use of techniques friendly to the environment, the screenings, to make the citizens of Athens participate in the public affairs and become aware of the connection between private and public sphere, of the fact that the one is dependent on the other, as well as of the major contribution of art to this awareness.

According to the curator of the National Gallery of Art, Manos Stefanides, "art has always been the most precise indicator of change. Art is everybody's prerogative and obligation....But in order to Look Out, one has first to Look both Inside and Deeper to obtain a vision that carries no cliche ."

Christina & Ioanna Bali, LOOKOUT 2003Two hundred images projected by a huge PANI static image projector of 70,000 lumen. Surface of a total area of 1,500 sq.m. covered by photographic works of art. Eighteen public and private buildings of the capital city. This is what Lookout is all about, according to the organizers, the International Organization of Digital Culture, who will attempt the huge experiment.

Within the frame of the 5th International Festival of Films and New Media, e-phos 2003 (supported by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and the Greek Tourism Organization), a movable unit with a projector and a generator will be visiting every night, from 9pm to 1am, selected buildings.

On their walls, images covering surfaces as high as 25 meters will be projected. These are the 200 selected pictures that have been elaborated and submitted by artists of photography, visual arts and amateur image-lovers from Greece and abroad.

Michail, Ioanna & Maria Spartalis on the projection night, photo by Evi Michala-PapadopoulouSince August 31, the deadline for participation in the project, there have been submitted 680 participations from Greece and 47 from abroad (Mexico, Canada, Japan, Europe etc.). The selection was based on the innovation spirit of the pictures, their high technique level as well as their ability to transform the buildings. As for the buildings, the selection was based on their contemporary use, the symbolisms they carry within, their shape, size and location.

Dimitropoulou Martha, LOOKOUT 2003The programme of the screenings will be published at the web site on Thursday, September 18, while the total of the selected pictures will be screened during the Lookout party that will take place on Saturday, September 27, at Monastiraki Square, downtown Athens.

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For 10 nights (18-27/9/03), over 600, 000 Athenians enjoyed an alternative Athens -a city full of color and light. 200 images by 200 amateur and professional creators colored the front facades of 17 buildings, transforming the city center into a lively work of art. We thank those who contributed to our effort in changing the appearance of the city, even temporarily.

Yiannis Skouroyiannis - e-phos festival


Projection of angelos spartalis's artwork "the end of the world", digital photo, 2003
Location: corner of Kifisias&Aleksandras Avenues, Athens
Projection day: Friday, September 19, 2003. Photo:


Photo: Evi Michala-Papadopoulou


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