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Eksarhia Sqr., Athens, 15 February 2013
Aghios Nikolaos, Crete, 8 August 2010
Athens Video Art Festival, 13 April 2008
Aghios Nikolaos, Crete 14 & 15 September 2006
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Rhodes 22,27,28 August 2003

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Artemis Orfanidou and Tassos Karalias
during the performance (2013)




Cultural Municipal Organization of Aghios Nikolaos
Wish You Luck film productions

7 September 2006

TO : Cultural journalists

SUBJECT : Video-theatrical performance “THE END OF THE WORLD” in Aghios Nikolaos, Crete, within the frame of TOUCH 2006 Festival


The Cultural Municipal Organization of Aghios Nikolaos, Wish You Luck Film Productions and Angelos Spartalis present the video-theatrical performance “THE END OF THE WORLD”.


It is a video projection on a human body. In this way, the body functions as a live projection screen that dances. The texts that are recited refer to love, ecology and war. During the performance there is use of violent but poetic language and the presentation of a new, so far unexplored way for man to narrate his stories.

Within the frame of TOUCH 2006 Festival there will be two performances:

- On Thursday 14 September, at midnight, in ‘PERIPOU’ multiplace
- On Friday 15 September, at 22:00 p.m., outside the Municipal Gallery

Each performance lasts for 30 minutes and admission is free

Text, direction and digital effects: Angelos Spartalis / Choreography: Rita Marnellou dance workshop / Performers: Rita Marnellou, Maria Hatzifotinou / Narration: Iakovos Kamhis / Production: Wish You Luck Film Productions / Production assistant: Cristy Mengou / Media sponsor: Lato FM 103.3

The performance was first presented in 2003, curated by Poly Hatzimarkou, in Rhodes. This year’s version is modified specially for TOUCH 2006 Festival.

The following is a typical extract from the text of the performance:

“The fascinating sight of the bombarding of a city undoubtedly belongs to the crew of the aircraft. It is the reward of the crew along with the medal, which is coloured, in contrast to the sight of bombarding, which is always black-and-white.

The fascinating sight of the bombarding of a city is black-and-white and noisy. It smells of Easter to the Greeks, and of barbecue to the Americans.

The fascinating sight of the bombarding of a city undoubtedly also belongs to our cinematographic memory. The cinema took away smell and added fascination. The cinema gave each city its own musical background. Its own bombarding symphony…”



In the photo: Angelos Spartalis, Rita Marnellou, Manos Stefanidis and Odysseas Sgouros, after the end of the performance “The End of the World” in ‘PERIPOU’ multiplace, 14 September 2006, Aghios Nikolaos, Crete.

The End of the World  is a really powerful performance. It is important for such things to happen away from the centre, away from formalities, away from sponsors and banks, all those who make our lives sadder and more difficult. Well done! A marrying of painting and cinema, comics and body-art, in a work so dense that I have never seen its like. Spartalis has got brains, spirit and a mood that is quite subversive. He is bound to make more things, and it is very important that he lives amongst you, because this work is not so much his own as it comes from all of you. For myself, I truly hope I will experience similar moments with you again.

Manos Stefanidis
Art Historian, Lecturer, University of Athens
(addressing the audience after the end of the performance)



Introduction (2003)

photo by S.PardalosÔhe last poem from Angelos Spartalis's trilogy "The end of the world" is presented in three shows and at three different locations of the city of Rhodes! The poem has been formed into a video-theatre performance, an alternative artistic proposal, which enters unconventional sites considering the usual standards.

photo by A.TcolisThe first part, titled "Shoes Cemetery", was presented at cafe Besara and the bookstore "To Dentro" in Rhodes, in August 2000: it was modified in a theatre performance, combined with a slide projection of illustrations and texts.

photo by A.KoumoulisThe second part, titled "Round is the River", has been staged at the courtyard of the Centre of Contemporary Art of Rhodes, during the ending ceremony of the art project "MoTeR1"(April 2001). An artificial, polygon-shaped greenhouse, was the peculiar setting of the painting-theatre performance, on which 12 kg of color was thrown by Spartalis. Two amateur actors were starring: Stergios Pardalos and Jacko Camchis.

At the show "The end of the world", Jacko Camchis (and two more… invisible heroes) is narrating the poem, while there is a constant video projection onto his body. That is an unconventional method of direction, which immobilizes the viewer, as it bestows drama and an emotional charge. Spartalis, well-known from his painting exhibitions (amongst others he participated at the art projects MoTeR1 & 2), wrote "automatically" -influenced by T.S Elliot's "The Waste Land" and F.G Lorca's "Poet in New York"- directed the show and created the video-art piece.

All poems of the trilogy shift through the categories of love, politics and death.

For love: Sandy melancholic moments / Sun-burnt settings / By entering your body / I silently failed to become you / Just like a tree silently fails to become a cloud / By penetrating the cloud / In this way / I existed only / for kissing your foot… (The end of the world, I, 53c-64c)

For politics: We muzzled many human opponents / For our voice to be heard / With such passion and devotion / For so many years / Until the opponents degenerated into a race of mutes by birth / Who now put on bunches of explosive materials / And blow themselves up in our homes / Dead by birth… (The end of the world, VI, 142c-149c)

For death: I stroll / Days, years / Miles, miles / I walk across a shoes cemetery // I am from another planet / To another planet / And you are elsewhere… (Shoes Cemetery, I, episode a', 20a-23a, 28a-30a)

Polly Hatzimarkou
Rhodes, August 2003



> Friday 15 February 2013
Gri-Cafe, Eksarhia Sqr., Athens

> Sunday 8 August 2010
   1st High School,
Aghios Nikolaos, Crete> Thursday 13 April 2008
   Athens Video Art Festival, "Technopolis", Gazi

> Thursday  14 September 2006
   multy-space PERIPOU, 28th October str., Aghios Nikolaos, Crete

> Friday 15 September 2006
   Municipal Art Gallery of Aghios Nikolaos

> Friday 22 August 2003, 22:00
   bar-restaurant IRIDANOS, 2, Komninon str., Rhodes

> Wednesday 27 August 2003, after midnight
   bar THEATRO, Medieval Town of Rhodes

> Thursday 28 August 2003, 23:00
   cafe-bar ROGMI TOU HRONOU, Medieval Town of Rhodes

> Duration 30 mins, free admission




> Blue Squirrel: Artemis Orfanidou (2013), Ioanna-Maria Gertsou(2010),
Dance:             Angela Svoronou (2008), Rita Marnellou (2006),
Dance:             Maria Hatzifotinou (2006), Jacko Kamchis (2003)

> Gaitis: Tassos Karalias (2013)

> Legionnaire: Angelos Spartalis
> Singer: Polly Hatzimarkou
> Narration: Jacko Kamchis


> Text, digital effects, direction: Angelos Spartalis
> Assistant director: Hionia Hiotelli (2013)
> Choreography: free lab of dancing Rita Marnellou (2006)
> Costumes: Evangelia Saridou (2013)
> Curatorship: Odysseas Sgouros (2006), Polly Hatzimarkou (2003)
> Production: Wish You Luck film productions
> Production assistant: Cristy Mengou (2006)
> Technical support: Yiannis Pangalos (2006)
> Technical support: Stergios Pardalos, Apostolos Koumoulis (2003)
> Sound: Yiannis Pangalos (2006), Kostas Androulakis (2003)

> LATO FM 103.3
> multy-space PERIPOU



Performance scenes (2013)
Artemis Orfanidou, Tassos Karalias



Performance scene (2008)
Angela Svoronou, photo by Niki Bisilla



Performance scene (2008)
Angela Svoronou, photo by Niki Bisilla



Performance scenes (2006)
Rita Marnellou, photo by Angelos Spartalis




Aghios Nikolaos, Crete, 15 September 2006, 23:00
outside of the Municipal Gallery



Poster (2006, A4, 300 dpi)



Performance scene (2003)
Jacko Kamchis, photo by A.Koumoulis





Performance scene (2003)
Jacko Kamchis, photo by A.Koumoulis



Performance scene (2003)
Jacko Kamchis, photo by A.Koumoulis



Performance scenes (2003)
Jacko Kamchis, photo by A.Koumoulis



Performance scenes (2003)
Jacko Kamchis, Angelos Spartalis & Polly Hatzimarkou, photo by A.Koumoulis


video (2003)


  • Introduction
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    Information and
    edited scenes
    from the show
    are included


  • The Legionnaire
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  • Bombardment
    3 min 55 sec
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  • Outro
    4 min 14 sec
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All videos above show full screening
of the performance (no cuts)

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