theatre performance
"Round is the river"
Centre of Contemporary Art
Museum of Modern Greek Art
Rhodes 27 April 2002

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On Saturday, April 27th, at the yard of the Centre of Contemporary Art of the Museum of Modern Greek Art in Rhodes, the amateur theatre group "desire" * presented the performance "Round is the river". The 20-minute show -within the frame of the art project MoTeR_1- was a combination of painting and theatre acting and was based on the homonymous theatre poem.

Two actors, Jacko Kamchis and Stergios Pardalos, acted inside and outside of a peculiar stage, a transparent conservatory. With large quantities of acrylics, I painted all sides of the set through the performance. Gradually the transparency was lost, allowing only the shadows to pass through.

Below you may find material, rich in photographs and videos as well as the text.
I sincerely thank all associates that have worked for the performance.

Angelos Spartalis
Rhodes, April 2002


* The amateur theatre group "Desire" was formed aiming at the presentation of the trilogy of theatre poems "The end of the world" (texts and direction by Angelos Spartalis). The first part of the trilogy, titled "shoe's cemetery" (photo), was presented in Rhodes, in August 2000 (starring: D. Sotrilli, Y. Kotsoronis, Y. Chrisostomou, stage sets: Y. Kouroupas). "Round is the river" is the second part of the trilogy.

by Apostolos Koumoulis

From the performance
Jacko Kamchis (center), Stergios Pardalos (background on the left),

Angelos Spartalis (below right)


From the preparation of the set
J. Kamchis (center), Stergios Pardalos (below right),

Yorgos Kouroupas (background on the left)


Poster photograph
Jacko Kamchis (left), Angelos Spartalis (centre) Stergios Pardalos (right)
Photo by Apostolos Koumoulis


Performance scene
Figure of Jacko Kamchis in panel 1


Performance scene
Figure of Jacko Kamchis in panel 2


Performance scene
Figure of Jacko Kamchis in panels 3,4,5 and 6



Round is the river

Rhodes, April 27th 2002

Centre of Contemporary Art
Museum of Modern Greek Art
Within the frame of MoTeR 1

Organizer-curator: polly hatzimarkou
Text-direction: angelos spartalis
Actors: jacko kamchis, stergios pardalos
Painting: angelos spartalis
Stage-design, lighting: yorgos kouroupas, dimitris kozas, panagiotis brademas
Costumes: maria passaro
Photographs: apostolos koumoulis
Cameras: stergios pardalos, zafiris skandaliaris, michael maniadakis
Poem translation: jacko kamchis
Sound engineering: zafiris skandaliaris
Sound: kostas androulakis

Music: eric serra, michael brook, prokofiev, aristidis mytaras, death in vegas, wim mertens, zbigniew preisner

sponsors: rogmi tou hronou, kamchi bros., koufos images


Jacko Kamchis (1985) has participated in two theatre shows / he is preparing for his admittance in a drama school / he is a photographer and has presented his work in a solo exhibition at the 'Alter Ego' bar.

Stergios Pardalos (1979) has studied photography/ as a member of the art group E 2.13, he has presented art happenings at the center of Salonica as well as video art for the music group "Kashmir" / he has participated in one group exhibition.




  • Introduction
    duration: 1 min 27 sec
    mpg file size: 2.7 MB

    Information and edited scenes
    from the show are included

  • Entrance & first act
    duration: 5 min 43 sec
    mpg file size: 10 MB

  • Second Act
    duration: 3 min 38 sec
    mpg file size: 6.4 MB

  • Third act
    duration: 2 min 01 sec
    mpg file size: 4.5 MB

  • Fourth act and Outro
    duration: 5 min 42 sec
    mpg file size: 9 MB

    All videos above show full screening
    of the performance (no cuts)


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