Painting Performance
"Pose for your portrait!"
ITB Berlin 2002, "Art Cities in Europe"
16-20 MARCH 2002

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Being a guest of the Museum of Modern Greek Art at the ITB exhibition in Berlin, in March 2002, I presented a painting performance, titled "Pose for your portrait!".

The largest international exhibition on tourism and cultural tourism, houses halls dedicated to European cities offering contemporary culture (Art Cities in Europe organization). Renowned museums, festivals, operas and cultural organizations from all over Europe meet -on a yearly basis- at a celebration of the arts.

At that meeting, from the 16th to the 20th of March, I have created 250 portraits of visitors and co-exhibitors. All portraits were 10x14cm, oil on paper; they were strongly expressionistic, filled with attention-grabbing references of the characters they were representing. People of all professions, age and race, passed by my working table and within a few minutes each, posed for their portrait while discussing with me the immaculate charm and fundamental issues of the world that surrounds us! Painting was just an excuse...

Angelos Spartalis
Berlin, March 21st, 2002


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Some of the portraits

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