Vis.Din.Film d. 31 marts 2008


Paper Bird Flying (9’19’’)   
Director: Stratoula Theodoratou
When the wind blows... strange forces are on the loose.
Stratoula Theodoratou. Born in Munich, she studied film direction at the Stavrakos Film School in Athens and at the FAMU Academy in Prague, on a scholarship from the Greek Film Center. For the past seven years, she has worked in the field of cinema and television productions. She has directed several short films : Short, Black and Tight (1996), Mudy River (2000), Paper Bird Flying (2002) and No More Love Stories (2003).
 Single Bed (12’00’’)    Director: George Kouvaras 
A girl. Two cameras. A puppet. A single bed. A few cups of coffee. A nightmare. Another nightmare within another. A time loop with unexpected outcome. A strange visitor. A story that can be read in various ways. Is the puppet alive? Or does it project in reality? How many cups of coffee did she make?
George Kouvaras graduated from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Fine Arts Department before he entered the fields of advertising, graphic design, art direction, music and film direction. His work, which won several awards and prizes has been exhibited and screened in several film festivals. He currently lives and works in Athens.
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Love my Umbrella (5´) Director: Angelos Spartalis 
Youth has an end: the end is here. It will never be. You know that well. What then? Write it, damn, write it! What else are you good for?
Angelos Spartalis is a Painter. He was born in Athens in 1973. He has lived in Greece and in Germany. He studied Mechanical Engineering-Aeronautics at the N.T.U.A.   In 2004 he moved to Crete.
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PIXEL TRILOGY (2’54’’) Director: Martha Koumarianou
"Pixel:ah" (00'50"), "Pixel:why?"(00'41") and "Pixel:ID" (01'23") it's an attempt to transform the motionless and soulless Pixel into an emotionally-involved and vulnerable entity in relation to itself and its society. Through this minimalistic pixel art attempt, the rules of movement are strictly obeyed while the emotions remain.
Martha Koumarianou studied multimedia/programming applications and has a Masters' degree in Digital Art from the Arts University of "Camberwell College", London. Her devotion in Pixel Art encouraged her to apply this technique in various artistic areas. Her work was awarded in Greece and abroad. She currently lives and works in Athens.

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Miss you Francis (1’) Director: Adonis Migkos
A postcard to Francis Bacon.   

Antonis Migos graduated with Cum Laude from the Fine Arts Department of the Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki and he followed a two-year course in audio-visual studies at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. His work has been presented in several galleries and festivals in Greece and abroad. He currently lives and works in Utrecht.
Circo de la Vida (16´) -06 Director: Maria Lafi    
Missing: The eldrely gentleman in the picture together with two black garbage bags. Reward offered for information leading to his whereabouts.

Maria Lafi. Born in Athens. She studied photography at the Graphic Arts & Artistics Studies Technical College and film directing at the Stavrakos Film School in Athens.

Billeder fra en aften i Cafeteatret, præget af græsk stemning og film.

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