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Angelos Spartalis

2003 Monocycle • Birds
2004 The Net
2005 Wishes • A World Made of Tears
2006 What Comes to Your Mind When You Watch the News?



Open Screen

What Comes to Your Mind When You Watch the News? / Angelos Spartalis

Revolutionary cinema consists of documentaries, porn and science fiction.“Revolutionary”, because one day it will destroy this world. “Revolutionary”, because it preserves some negativity towards society, which is not hysterical grumbling but innate positiveness for the creation of the new world. “Revolutionary”, because it reflects utopia and not dystopia and it will bring new things which, as yet, we don’t know what they are. For these reasons, documentaries, porn and science fiction are revolutionary cinema. I don’t do science fiction, I haven’t done it so far, I don’t know how it’s done. So I will only show you documentary and porn. The movie criticises the media using their own means.

Direction: Angelos Spartalis
Sceenplay: Angelos Spartalis
Cinematography: Angelos Spartalis
Editing: Angelos Spartalis
Sound: Angelos Spartalis
Music: Oblivion (Antonis Papaspyros)
Producer: Angelos Spartalis
Production: Wish you Luck Film Productions
  DVD, Colour, 18
  Greece 2006