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The Snow-White Syndrome, a film by Angelos Spartalis
Greek Films, DigitalWave 3


The real leader of the terrorist organization “17 November” lives free among us, planning the next attack. At the same time, the last assassin of the group falls in love with the secret agent who is after her, knowing he is a cop but not that he is also her brother. And all this, in a comic book movie.

Film Trailer

Director: Angelos Spartalis
Script: Angelos Spartalis
Photographer: Angelos Spartalis, Angeliki Svoronou
Montage: Angelos Spartalis
Sound: Stavros Haralambidis
Music: Oblivion, Antonis Kizoulis, Professor Skank, Dark Elf v.s. Innersound, Common Sense
Sets: Nikos Koundouros, Angelos Spartalis
Costumes: Kristi Mengou
Make up: Ioanna Spartali
Actors: Manos Vakoussis (doctor), Ulli Rot (Snow-White), Petros Polykandriotis (agent), Elias Frangakis (policeman), Nikos Koundouros (Big One), Marianthi Menegaki (mother), Maria Spatharaki (daughter), Tatiana Stavroulaki (singer), papa-Manolis (priest), Kosmas Hirakis (agent 2)
World Sales: Wish You Luck film productions, Greece Angelos Spartalis T. +30 28410 61550 F. +30 28410 61504 angelosspartalis@yahoo.gr
Producer: Angelos Spartalis
Production: Wish You Luck film productions
Production Country: Greece
Type: Mini DV Color-B&W
Duration: 75'
Production Year: 2008




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