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I do through painting those things that only through painting can be done. And those things that cannot be done through painting at all, I make them cinema. But, most importantly I do things because I believe that the world can change. I have faith in utopia and not dystopia.

Within me has been clearly formed the perception of a unified and indivisible modernism from 1890 to this day (and to our future) with its local discontinuities but also its dominant macroscopic continuity and consistency. It is exactly in this way that I want to be modern and all the other invented movements are indifferent to me.

Persistently against the Disney-fied new mass culture (mass in the sense that it is made for the mass and not that it comes from the mass) and absolutely certain that there will be beautiful things of which we do not know the nature yet, I preserve some negativity towards society, which is not hysterical grumbling but an innate positivity for the creation of the new world.


Angelos Spartalis
17 November 2002
., Rhodes

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